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The neglected journal...
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Saturday, August 27th, 2005
2:23 pm
I deleted this account awhile back when ALOT of drama was going down & I pretty much was just neglecting my whole "Blog" life anywho(besides this I'm also over at GJ & maintaining both at the time was a pain in the butt...). Anywho, long story short, time has passed, I missed friends & communities over here, so here I am again. Blah. Now back to the neglecting...;)

Current Mood: sleepy
Friday, November 5th, 2004
8:14 pm

If You have Cartoon Network, or at the very least if you know someone who does, You owe it to yourself & all of Otakudom to watch.


Thank You..:)
Sunday, June 13th, 2004
10:37 am

Yeah, it's kinda one of those days...

It's a lazy day, which is nice, especially after such a crazy busy week(between my grandmother in the hospital, work being so busy, & capped off by yesterday's tournaments...Man those kids were crazy. We had 55 kids for YGO & a really BIG turn out for Duel Masters, plus since they just got out of school for the summer, those kids were totally crazed....needless to say I was pretty shot by the day's end. I barely made it into the house b4 passing out.

Anywho, I'm off to go do nothing in particular(except maybe take a little nap..;p L8R.

Current Mood: lazy
Thursday, June 10th, 2004
9:23 pm
I just found out Ray Charles has passed on... I just feel kinda sad right now.
9:10 pm
On Empty...;p
Just home from work, exhausted...

Not a bad day, just was stuck in overdrive all day long, pushing myself more than I needed too, so by the time I got home I had nothing left in me...I set three major feature shops, worked freight, dealt w/vendors, gave mediorce guest service(hey, I'm honest...;p & just ran around like a crazy man. Now I'm home tho, tired, brusied, & more than just a little horny..;p Sigh...

Anywho, snapped a few pix.
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Anywho, I have way too much mail to go thru & rasslin' is on, so more L8R. Wooooosh!

Current Mood: drained
Wednesday, June 9th, 2004
7:32 pm
4 out of 5 crazy birds prefer me...;p
LOL...I like comic books..;p

An ok day. I worked the comic shop & then left a little early so I could go to TRU & get my annual review. It(The review) actually went really well, I got a decent raise & a nice write up. Not too much comic wise came out(but what did was great stuff). Identity Crisis could be one of the best stories I ever read, yeah the hoopla was around a death, but it wasnt the death of a DC Character that was as important as why it happened & the story involving it. Amazing storytelling. This is gonna be one heck of a ride(a 7 issue ride). Also new & good was PVP(best webcomic strip eveah!!!), MK Spider-Man(which was insanely good & had both Electro & Vulture of all characters kicking ass & what's the deal w/Spidey's ID being revealed? The way they did it tho was very realistic & worked well for the story), The Offical Marvel Handbook to Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man was really good too(guest starring Captain America & a kick ass guest artist to boot). Also I picked up Sabrina(of all comics) as this ish marks the change to the new Manga style artwork/storytelling). So like I said, not a Big week, but a good one.

On the way out of work today I was attacked by birds, talk about eerie & just a little weird(they didnt attack anyone else & all I was doing was walking, hmmm...).

Anywho, here's a few quick pix I took today...
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Anywho, that's it for now. More L8R.

Current Mood: horny
Monday, June 7th, 2004
9:18 pm
It's a damn cold night...
...actually it's not, it's still pretty warm, tho it's a heck of alot cooler than it's been lately.

Soooo, work really sucked hard today. My boss(1 of them anyways...) just was really rude & pretty much made me feel utterly worthless(nice). It just pissed me off & started my week off totally on the wrong foot. Needless to say it also made me pretty unpleasant the whole day thru. Feh. I hate mean people. Double Feh.

Anywho, I just ran out & took a few quick pix...
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I'm kinda feeling down, so I'll write more L8R.

Current Mood: sad
Sunday, June 6th, 2004
11:56 am
It's Time to Duel...again(& again & again...)

I just realized that I have just under a week to master Both Pokemon & Duel Masters card games for work. As of next Saturday I'll be running 3 tournaments at TRU a week(plus Beyblade, but I already am an old hand at that, Me & My Metal Driger kick major butt...grrr!!!). So that's four different tournaments in all...Gotta love My Job. So anywho, expect some Tournament horror stories starting next week...;p I'm off to practice...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Current Mood: busy
11:32 am
Playing w/The Cam...
Sunday Morning Cam Fun..;p LOL, I found my old Wrestling mask, Long Live El Spideroso!!!

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Current Mood: sore
9:53 am
Crescent Fresh!
How cool is this, MTV2 is showing the old Sifl & Olly show again, I'm sooooo happy(tears of joy pouring down my face). This is the best show...EVAH!!! Rock!

Sometimes I feel as I go thru the day that my life is a comic, or rather it could/should be(& hey, I'm a comic artist, what are the odds...). Seriously tho, It's just like when I walk thru my day & see something or I'm sitting at a restaurant listening to my headphones & just watching things unfold before me, I can see things in my head as a storyboard or framing sequence & go OMG, I should draw this & this & this too...I guess this is some sort of sign that I really should be focusing more on my drawing & less time doing other stuff(whatever that maybe...cough, work, cough...).

Speaking of work(not that we were), yesterday was brutal. Summer is going to be the death of me I think. Besides the weekly YGO tournament(only 46 kids yesterday...), I ended up doing demos outside the store(mustve pissed someone off), in the blazing hot sun, for like 2 hours(mind u it was a nice crisp cool 112 degrees yesterday...feh). I ended up choking on plastic bubbles(ick, I still cant get the taste outta my mouth) & somehow threw out my shoulder during the course of the afternoon(which I cant even move now...oh well, such is life...at least I have the day off today. Gonna do some drawing, do some chattin', & maybe even take a few pix, yay go me...;p

Hilary & Haylee Duff have remade the Go-Go's classic "Our Lips Are Sealed". As I watch the video, I dont know if I should be really horrified or really turned on(actually it's a bit of both...blaaaaaaaaah!!!).

So I watched the debut of Rave Master last nght. I am a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE fan of the Manga, but I must say the anime was definitely lacking. I'm sure part of it was(ok probably all of it) was that we butchered the original anime(Why must we change these shows when we bring them over from Japan, I mean my god they have Reel Big Fish singing the opening, the theme is soooooo god-awful. Join the Rave-O-Lution my ass...;p Still I'll give it another viewing or two before totally writing it off(I'm too big of a fan, I'll probably end up forcing myself to like/love it..;p Hope the show's a hit tho, since I ordered really heavy on the toys for the store(oops).

Anywho, I'm off, I'll post more L8R..;p

Current Mood: sore
Friday, June 4th, 2004
7:55 pm
Ow. My head is bleeding
OMG!!! Adrian Tomine is doing little cartoon shorts for The N!!! I can now die a happy man. For those who dont know, Adrian Tomine is the brilliant creator of the indy comic Optic Nerve & One of my most favorite artists/heroes. Eeeeeeeeeee, they're sooo good. Oh & if that's not kewl enough, the new season of Degrassi Started today...YAY!!!

Today was sucky. I cut my head open at work(I fell over a bunch of metal shelves & hit my head on a low beam), which kinda set the tone for the day. I probably shouldve gone to the doctor's but yeah whatever..;p Anyways, I was all moody & growling all day..grrrrr..;p

Speaking of sucking, today's temp was...113 degrees!!! That's just f'n wrong.

So now I'm totally hooked on Case Closed(Even if I have to stay up past midnite to see it). I have always been a fan Of Detective Conan, & now He's finally here in the states(with very little changed, which is always a good thing considering what we've done to many a anime/manga series when we bring it over from Japan..;p I highly recommend it to anyone & everyone...:)

I know I've sucked in the update department lately, I'll try & work on that.

And now a few pix of me..;p
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Anywho, I'm off to answer email & do some net surfing. L8R. Wooooosh!

Current Mood: cranky
Sunday, May 23rd, 2004
2:00 pm

Today is basically dedicated to catching up. Cleaning, Net stuff(emails, journal comments, chats, DA, etc), drawing, laundry(yay...laundry!!!), etc...

Anywho, not much in the way of updating, cuz I'll do a big one tonite. L8R. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooosh!!!

Current Mood: hot
Saturday, May 22nd, 2004
11:11 pm
Short-Haired Dork
So amongst all the wackiness that is my typical Saturday, I chopped off my mop of hair...;p

I'm not sure if I like it yet or not...but everyone else seems to think it's neat..;p

Work was kinda brutal today. The Weekly YGO Tournament was busier than norm, since we were running the "special" GBA YGO Tournament, so we had upwards of 60 kids today(& the only one running it was me...feh). Other than that tho, it wasnt too terrible, busy but nothing extraordinary. Now I'm just looking forward to a nice relaxing day off tomorrow...yawn.

Soooo, what do you get the Hurri-Fanatic who has everything? This...

Very F'n kewl(not to mention already on it's way to my place of residence...Bwa-Ha-Ha!!!

I gotta try & update DA tomorrow, so behind on my drawing...guilt, guilt...;p

Anywho, I'm off to chat, L8R..;p

Current Mood: dirty
Friday, May 21st, 2004
10:15 pm
What did they do to the PowerPuff Girls?

Since when are they hot teens, who think about dating more than fighting bad guys...? Look here for more... http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/ppgstyle

Me confused(more so than normal...;p

Current Mood: confused
Thursday, May 20th, 2004
10:52 pm
Robin, The Grrl Wonder!!!
The new Robin kicks much ass!!!

Ooooh, is Tim Drake(The now Ex-Robin) gonna be p'd off when he finds out Batman picked his grrlfriend(The Spoiler) to be his replacement..;p

I just hope she at least survives the summer...?

Woot Woot, Comix rule!!!

Current Mood: geeky
8:46 pm
Just a day...
...just an ordinary day, just trying to get by..:)
Hmmm, here we have our young hero looking for inspiration...

I luvs Shonen Jump. It's the bestest!!!

So today was os-os. Once a month I have to do safety & loss prevention audits for the store(I have no idea how I got that job..;p So that took up a decent chunk of my day(Nothing I like more than hot sweaty gobs of paperwork...Mmmm Mmmm. After that I had to set this hideous Harry Potter feature shop w/all the goodies from the movie(nothing against HP, but the toys look like crap..;p Other than that I just conspired to do as little work as possible, which I think actually took more effort than actually working...;p

Sooooo, then I came home & drew, read some SJ, took a few new pix(some clean, some um, er, not so clean...;p tho since most were taken in the shower, I guess they're all clean...;p Such a busy little day...

Anywho, time for Viewer mail & Smackdown, L8R.

Current Mood: crazy
Wednesday, May 19th, 2004
7:52 pm
Wed Nite Quickie.
Ok, let's get the bitching out of the way first...
1)My back hurts...alot. I think I pulled something, Damn I feel broken.
2)I forgot my lunch today, so my tummy was all growly all day, saying feed me...oh well.

Now that's outta the way..;p

Wow, can it be true? Is Justin actually drawing something...wow will wonders never cease?
I took a bunch of pics today, some clean(& will eventually posted when i get around to it...) & some pretty dirrrrrrrty(yeah, I'm having waaaay too much fun w/my cam..;p

Work's going ok, just trying to fire up the troops & get a little more productivity out of everyone(including myself). Even lunchless tho, it was an alright day..:)

Pretty nice new comic day. Picked up Ultimate Spider-Man(sweet), Robin(Bring on the Grrl Wonder, Spoiler kicks ass as the new Robin & I love the new costume they designed for her...drool..;p Also the new issue of Newtype came out w/a HUGE article on Sgt Frog & it's creator, which is very kewl(since he's one of my fave artists!!!).
Anywho, I was excited, in my own geeky sorta way..;p

Not much else right now...ho-hum.

Ooooh, Smallvile Season Finale is about to start, woot woot. L8R.

Current Mood: crazy
Friday, May 14th, 2004
8:29 pm
Tennis & Jesus?
Why is it that when I am sooo tired & exhausted after a long day, that's when jesus fanatics decide to bombard me w/their unwanted advances & soliciatations? I mean come on. Then when u try to be polite & turn them down, they get in ur face more...ok, where's the logic in someone yelling in ur face about going to hell if u dont agree w/them & thier religious choices...feh. Oh, that makes me wanna listen to you u backwoods hick. Jerks.

When I was little I played tennis. I loved it. I played 24-7. It was the best. I just really got a kick out of it. That being said I sucked...hard. I had no skill for it, still I played & loved it. Today I was reading Prince of Tennis, a new manga that just came out(It's been all the rage in Japan for years, inspiring an anime series, mass merchandising & a boom for the tennis industry there, kinda like what Hikaru No Go did for Go). Anywho, I was reading it & it was soooo good, the storytelling & art so top notch, that I literally got sucked in & after finishing it, I A) was already getting impatient waiting for the next volume & B) Had the urge to go dig up my old tennis raquet. Any comic like that cant be that bad, eh....too bad I still suck..;p

Work was ok today, more of the same, just blah blah blah days. yesterday I sat in a motivational meeting for 2 hours...by the end all I was motivated to do was gouge my eyes out w/pointy things.

Anywho, My email & DA are calling, so more L8R.

Current Mood: geeky
Sunday, May 9th, 2004
4:34 pm
Does anyone even really read these...
...I have my doubts. Anywho, it really doesnt matter. It's my LJ not yours, mine I say. I can type the same word here over & over & You will have to read it(or skip to the next entry...hmmm). See...

Tacostacostacostacostacostacostacostacostacostacostacostacostacostacostacostacos...Bwa-ha-ha...woot woot.

N-E-way...It's really hot today. Hotter than normal(plus there's no breeze making it X-tra hot so I'm all hotty & moist(and not moist in a good way)...ewww.

Sniff, sniff...hmmm, that's probably not good...

So the good news is tomorrow I have a regular work shift...no close...YAY!!! Bad news is now I'm closing Tuesday night...boo. BOO, I say!!! TRU is icky. I need free time & field trips 2 7-11 to indulge in 7-11 goodness. Slurpees must be had & tasted & then & only then may I agree to this...closing shift I am assigned. Phooey.

Know what bugs me. Why is it whenever u see a pic of girls in swimsuits(like on Hot Or Not or in photo albums or places where photos roam free...) everyone must always assume the Charlie's Angels Pose...was there some photo law that was passed & for every 2 photos u take in a bikini by the pool, one must consist of u pretending to be an Angel? I wonder? Well know this, if u pose in this particular position, all you will get from me is a not, a one. If HON allowed negatives I'd give u many negatives...also, why do people on HOTORNOT.com insist on having their pic w/children in it...yeah, I get it u love your kid. I love Chili dogs, but I challenge u to find photographic proof of that love, especially on a site where u ask people to pass judgement on u based solely on appearence. meep.

Mmmm...chili dogs.

Current Mood: crazy
8:38 am
Wow, I was more tired than I thought. I awoke this morning to find myself passed out on the futon, covered in Taco Bell wrappers & the menu screen for Invader Zim blasting proudly over my TV. yawn.

Anywho, such a loooooooooooooooooooong week. Work, work, work. plus it's reeeeeeally hot out too. We were supposed to have some big tour with all these big people from the big office who do big things come & be big...but they never came(It's always the way it happens). So we spent all week getting ready for this BIG visit, but now It's almost a let down they didnt come(well, at least the store looks pretty...for now..;p

Oooooooooooooh, I picked up the 4 new Del Rey Manga books that just launched & I have to say, that based on this first outing, Del Rey just kicked both Viz & Tokyo Pop's collective bootys. Not only did they pick 4 Really sold strong titles to start with, but good translations, character designs & bios, info about the series & creators, and lots of other extras made these above & beyond your average manga purchase. My fave 2 are Negima! & Xxxholic. Xxxholic is beautifully drawn(as is anything by CLAMP) & it's like one of the smartest series around & Negima! is just alot of fun & the art is gorgeous(I wasnt a big Love Hina fan before, but I think I'll be going back & picking up the series aftrer seeing how amazing Ken Akamatsu's art is). A+ all around. drooooool.

Anywhoooooo, I'm off, so more later & hopefully I'll update DA sometime this evening. Bye.

Current Mood: giggly
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